The Yin and Yang Brush Set



For the nail artists that make the odd mistake – it’s time to own it! We bring you the brush set that covers all bases! Our two, high quality, synthetic brushes have been created with nail artists in mind, as we have paid attention to every small detail.

Included in each box
YANG – Striping brush
YIN – Eraser brush

YANG – The length of this brush is perfect to achieve different nail art looks. The 10mm bristles can be trimmed to create your desired thickness (optional) and you can use it laid flat to create perfect straight lines, or the very tip to achieve hand drawn shapes. Simply dip the full circumference of the brush into your gel product and remove the excess by dragging outwards. Apply the gel to the nail to create your desired art before curing.

YIN – Designed with the thinnest surface area, to correct your mistakes or neaten up straight lines. Simply submerge the brush into cleansing fluid and dab off excess liquid, so that the brush remains damp and the bristles compact. Swipe over the area of uncured gel you wish to remove.

It is important you take care of your brushes and always store with the lid firmly fastened. Keep your brushes clean whilst using by pinching the bristles with a very small amount of acetone on a lint free pad. To clean, you may use hot but not boiling water.

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