The Dolls House Cosmetics – Our Journey

We wish we could give you a ‘once upon a time’ fairytale, but that will follow in a few years time, when we are one of the world’s leading cosmetics brands! But for now we will let you in on the short story of how we began, starting right from the beginning.

Charlotte & Molly – two sisters from Kirkby, Liverpool who had make up running through their veins and were creating magic on each-others faces from their bedrooms at 14 years old.
Amy – a bank manager from Maghull, Liverpool who never quite felt like she belonged but began doing nail art after work and on weekends and found a little sparkle she didn’t know she had.

When the three girls met in 2016, they knew their work ethic and desire to inspire others was far too aligned to ignore, and The Dolls House Group was created. A beauty salon, a Beauty Academy and a Cosmetics Brand.. all of their dreams combined! To create an environment where everybody felt like they were enough, to feel like they could achieve anything they put their mind to and reach for the unimaginable was all they wished to achieve. And that’s exactly what they did.

Following the success of their thriving beauty salon and successful face to face and online courses, the Dolls House Cosmetics seemed like the next step to spread their message further. To bottle everything they had created, the passion, the determination, the confidence! And create make up that encouraged their consumers to be just as fearless as they were was the next step. The ‘Dare to Dream’ lipgloss collection was their very first drop. A complete sellout within 14 days of launch, they started as they meant to go on.

So as the girls hit Cloud 9, with people far and wide sharing their dreams, their mindset and their products, they invite you to join them on the following chapters of their crazy journey.

To be continued…