The Dolls House Cosmetics Journey


The DHC brand was created by 2 sisters Charlotte and Molly. From a young age they both knew that working in the beauty industry was their dream and a journey they where going to go on together. They now own the renowned Dolls House salon in Liverpool which is sought after for its Bespoke makeup & beauty services. Finding luxury products to use on clients was crucial for the girls and after working in the industry for 6 years Charlotte was introduced to a world leading cosmetics manufacturer where they began creating formulas for The Dolls House cosmetics. After 18 months of getting the perfect formulas the girls began using them on clients! Clients fell in LOVE & began to buy then and the word spread like wild fire, with customers purchasing from all over the globe.. It was then that The Dolls House Cosmetics was born. For the last three years the girls have worked on new collections & continue to bring ideas to life. their luxury, cruelty free products have been adored by makeup artists and lovers across the globe, their high-quality formulations are unmatched. This is just the beginning of their journey!