Our Journey

Founded by Molly & Charlotte Kirk

The Doll’s House Cosmetics was born from the dreams of two sisters, Molly & Charlotte. From a young age, they shared a passion for beauty and cosmetics, and embarked on a journey to make their dreams come true of owning their own brand.

Today, they proudly own the prestigious Dolls House salon in Liverpool, renowned for its bespoke make up and beauty services.

Molly and Charlotte sought luxury products to use on their valued clients. Charlotte, with her six years of industry experience, crossed paths with a world-leading cosmetics manufacturer. The collaboration led to meticulously crafted formulas that makes The Doll’s House Cosmetics leaders within the indie beauty industry.

After 18 months of hard work, perfecting their craft - the products were finally ready to share with the world. They built a community of passionate customers, who fell in love with the magic that Molly and Charlotte had created; the word spread like wildfire.

Since then, Molly and Charlotte have worked around the clock to bring new collections, and innovative ideas to life. The range of luxury, cruelty-free products have earned the adoration of beauty enthusiasts and professionals, worldwide; the unparalleled quality of their formulations set them apart from the rest.

This is just the beginning of what is about to be a remarkable journey for The Doll’s House Cosmetics. Join us as we continue to push boundaries, explore new possibilities and bring you the finest beauty products that celebrate your unique beauty.